Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go England

Go England

World Cup 2010 set to be kick off on 11st Jun 2010.
As a football fans, I had awake by World Cup heat.

As England supporter,
I give my full support to "Three Lions".
However England's form is really a time bomb in their World Cup journey.
I know England is hardly to win World Cup this time,
But they should do their best for their fans.

England Captain Rio Ferdinand was unfortunately injured during training session.
Therefore, it is an impact for England's defender.
Who will be John Terry's partner?
Fabio Capello has to make a correct decision.
In my opinion, Jammie Carragher is the best person to partner Terry because his big matches experience in Liverpool FC.

Steven Gerrard is the key person in England's midfield.
Beside then that, Gerrard is the team spirit of England after he take over armband from injured's Rio Ferdinand.
I wish Gerrard could lead England well and bring them towards as far as they could.
Nevertheless, Frank Lampard is also a key player in England midfield.
By the way, I regard James Milner is the most potential in England midfield.

For forwards, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney plays the most important role.
His performance could bring England major impacts.
I regard him as most important player in England today.

I'm surprise Emile Heskey is in squad and Darren Bent is dropped.
Heskey did not enjoy his career this season in Aston Villa,
however he always have good performance in England.
Maybe this is the reason Capello called him up in England squad.

I wish all the best to England.
I will support you.

I feel the heat, and I will follow the heat.

The nation team I support the most after Malaysia.