Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United

Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United

I was enjoying the moment the referee blows the final whistle.
It is always fantastic to win a derby match. Especially at City of Manchester Stadium.

Wayne Rooney pledges he is going to revenge for double defeated by Manchester City in last season. I feel confidence after Wazza saying the words.

During the match, Red Devils are the side controlling the game. We got many chances at the first half. Finally, Wazza celebrates his 100th goals in Manchester United.

We leading the game with 1-0, I have to admit Manchester City are the better side at the second half but they couldn't find Edwin van der Sar's net.

I'm surprise with Cristiano Ronaldo hand ball at 69min. Ronny was confused by crowd's whistle. He thought it was referee's whistle but it wasn't.
I have no comment with referee shows Ronny second yellow on the spot and send him off.

Manchester City's goal keeper Joe Hart was not in goal at 90 min.
Ryan Giggs got a chance to lob against empty goal in the counter attack, I couldn't understand Giggsy wasn't confidence and past to Wazza.
Wazza's lob was denied by Hart who ran back to the goal on time.

Maybe, if Giggsy try, we should win 2-0.

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