Monday, September 22, 2008

Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United

I was volunteer in DAP Seputeh Support, Sympathy & Solidarity (SSS). I was busy in "Free Teresa, Abolish ISA" makes me miss couple of matches, including Blaclays League Liverpool vs United and Champions League United vs Villareal.

Last night, I was in a nervous mood, waiting for Chelsea vs United. I thought I could finish the whole match in peace, who knows, the "secretariat team" at DAP Seputeh called me when the match comes to 60min. No choice lah, have to went out and entertain with them.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappoint with the draw. We got plenty of chances at first half. We miss the big chance when Wayne Rooney miss the header just off the post when Petr Cech was not at the goal. Park scored at 18min was fantastic. I was so happy. It is always feel wonderful is we could score at Stamford Bridge, Anfield or Emmirates Stadium.

However I feel Chelski played better after Park scored. They were controlling the match. I really fear that we will concede. I was suggested to sub-off Scholes due to he was yellow card on hand and replaced by Ronaldo. Fergie makes the change about 50min. I feel we play better once Ronaldo sub-on till about 60min, I went out. :(

My brother sms me when Kolou scored. The final result 1-1. I feel a bit disappoint. If we can maintain 0-1 to the end, United are the one to end Chelski unbeatable record in Stamford Bridge since 2004.

The opening goal at Stamford Bridge: JI-SUNG PARK!!!!YEAH~ 3 LUNGS PARK!!!


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I'm welcome any teams to challenge against unbeatable record in Stamford Bridge.