Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ministry Transition, SAPP quit BN.

At 17 Sep 08 about 1pm, Pak Lah called a press conference urgently.

An urgent press conference!!!??? Pak Lah to announced transition in peacefully???

Ya, it is announcement of transition. But the transition is not to hand over Prime Minister position to Anwar Ibrahim. But transition between Defence Minister position and Finance Minister position with Deputy Prime Minister Najib.

It is glad to see Pak Lah doesn't worry with Anwar has 31 detectors. I'm not sure whether Pak Lah is confidence with no detectors or naive. He make a special move:

What a swap position.....haha, nice switch!!!

Beside, Pak Lah, the father-in-law of Khairy was announced fuel hike on Jun 08 criticised Anwar is a threat of economy in Malaysia. However Pak Lah declined to comment whether Anwar will be detained under the Internal Security Act.

Pak Lah announced of fuel hike on Jun 08.While Pak Lah is confidence with no defectors, SAPP quit Barisan National. If SAPP join Pakatan Rakyat, there are 2 defectors join PR.

Will PR rule federal government?? More to followup.
Do father-in-law really no-worry with 31 defectors?

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