Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PDRM Bullies Virtuous But Fears Wicked

PDRM Bullies Virtuous But Fears Wicked

Polis Diraja Malaysia (Malaysia's Police) arrested 24 people who attend Bersih candlelight vigil around 9.35pm, 9 Novermber 2008.

Bersih, which means "clean" in Malay, demands Malaysia to access
democratic elections, clean and transparent elections.

The crowd had walked over to the PJ Civic Centre to celebrates first anniversary for Bersih founded. Virtuous attends included
YB Teresa Kok, YB Tony Pua, YB Ronnie Liu, YB Lau Weng San and Raja Petra.

Although the gathering was without permit, but it is a peaceful gathering.

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar ordered police to dispersed crowd while Malaysia Anthem Negaraku was sang.

YB Tony Pua, YB Lau Weng San and others 22 people was arrested.

Khalid denied dispersal during national anthem.
According to the video evidence, I assume the Selangor Police Chief do not know Malaysia Nation Anthem.

Police did a good job in dispersing virtuous.
HOWEVER, why Police couldn't dispersing over 100 motor-riders beating four people in a car, which happens at Jalan Loke Yew, 9 November.

According to Sinchew Daily, there are 4 traffic policemen, but policemen couldn't help.
Policemen didn't request more man power from the station, because those riders are wicked.

PDRM Bullies Virtuous But Fears Wicked.

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emusician said...

PDRM已经是PRDM了,polis raja di malaysia!