Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gobind Suspended, Karpal Under Sedition

Gobind Suspended, Karpal Under Sedition

I can confirm, it was a bad day for Karpal's family in 16 March 2009.

It is not a good day for DAP,
Pakatan Rakyat
and Malaysian Democratic as well.

DAP Puchong MP Gobind Singh was 12 months suspensions to Parliament for calling Najib is a murder in Altantuya case.
his father, DAP Bukit Gelugur MP Karpal Singh charged with Sedition Act for his threat to sue Perak Sultan.

Gobind Suspension and Perak Speaker

The Parliament confirmed to suspend Gobind without giving a chance for Gobind defense.
No debate, no hearing, Parliament Speaker and BN MP make the decision.

Parliament Speaker should learn from Perak Speaker.
Perak Speaker given a chances for Perak illegal MB and EXCO to defense in hearing.
Perak Speaker also given a chances for Perak BN representative to debate in State Assembly Meeting. Although the meeting was forced to held under a tree.

No doubt, Parliament Malaysia is a "kangaroo court".

Karpal Charged With Sedition

Karpal charged with sedition shows Malaysia don't have human right and democracy in crisis.

It is Karpal right whether to sue Perak Sultan since Rulers are under constitution and could bring up to court.
So what was Karpal offenced?

Let's show our support and solidarity to the DAP National Chairperson.
We will fight for Malaysian Human Right.

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