Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bagan Pinang Nomination Day

Bagan Pinang Nomination Day

3 October 2009 was Bagan Pinang State Assembly By-Election Nomination day. I went there to support our PAS candidate, Zulkefly Mohd Omar.

I was slightly late in arriving Port Dickson.
I reach District Office around 10am.
I saw many BN flags around me when I reach there,
I thought I entered BN's camp accidentally.

In fact, there wasn't BN's camp but just blue flags around.

PAS & PKR people are friendly.
I was wearing DAPSY shirt and DAP cap, so they know I'm from DAP.
We smile to each other, and condemn Umno together.

I melted into crowd of Pakatan Rakyat Supporters

"Hidup Hidup, Hidup Rakyat"
"Hancur Hancur, Hancur BN"
"Biadap Biadap, Biadap Umno"
"Makka Satti"
These slogan are shouted by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Hancur Hancur, Hancur BN!!! Biadap Biadap, Biadap Umno!!!

Condemned MCA unable to solve SRJK (C) Damansara's problem.

PSM shows support to PAS Candidate.

1 Malaysia? 1 Calon Rasuah?

We shout
"Duit, Duit, Duit" to sacarstic Umno.
(Obviously, former N.Sembilan MB Mohd Isa Samad is not a clean man)
And I saw PAS fellows tiding up bank notes on a rod shaking against Umno, HAHA XD

We stand for Pakatan Rakyat.

Petrol stations opposite District Office were full with crowds. The owners must be happy :D

Finally: Zulkefly (PAS) vs Isa (Umno = ISA)

Tak Mau ISA = Tak Mau Isa

I left Bagan Pinang around 12pm.
This is my more unforgetable Port Dickson trip~ :P

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