Monday, October 5, 2009

Joke in Bagan Pinang By-Election / 峇眼槟榔补选的笑话

Jokes in Bagan Pinang By-Election / 峇眼槟榔补选的笑话

i) 3 October 2009 night, MCA worker imitated as La-Shou Journalist visiting DAP's Mid-Autumn Festival and taking photos. However it was exposed by DAP and La-Shou office for not sending reporter to the festival.
2009年10月3日晚上, 有马华党工假冒《辣手杂志》记者“采访”行动党主办的中秋晚宴。结果被行动党与《辣手杂志》踢爆。《辣手杂志》并没有派记者采访当晚的中秋晚宴。

ii) 5 October 2009, Prime Minister Najib said Isa's offence in money politic was a technical problem.

iii) 5 October 2009, there will certain Chinese Media been ordered by Ministry of Information for shouldn't remark on Isa's money politic issue, because it is a historical

iv) Umno
supreme council member Abdul Azeez claimed that he was punched by PAS supporters during nomination day until he warded in hospital. However PAS shows photos proved Azeez was lied in order to get sympathy votes.

v) MCA released slogan "fight for justice" for their internal fight, however they support corrupted candidate Isa.

Najib: 1 Malaysia, 1 Calon Rasuah.

DAPSY Seputeh Vice-Cheif
Tey Khang Fai

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