Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat Should Not Fear With Postal Votes

Pakatan Rakyat Should Not Fear With Postal Votes

Pakatan Rakyat members might worry with 4604 postal votes are disadvantage for PR. However we should not too worry and we should put more effort in educating resident voters as well as PDRM and the army.

Educating residents and uniformed corps are the same. We must let them know how Barisan Nasional is corrupted, undemocratic and damage the country.

I'm fully agree with PKR Supreme Committee Badrul Amin Baharom urged that army to act as hero to protect the country which is safe Malaysia from BN.

No doubt, there are many arguments for postal votes issue such like:
i) 3/4 of postal voters were shift off from the constituency,
ii) Someone could "vote on their behalf" in army camp.
iii) The Election Commission reduced the number of polling agent for postal voters from nine to one per polling center. This will course polling agent overwhelmed.

However, everyone including our lovely uniformed heroes must bear in mind:
Umno candidate Isa Samad is a corrupted person who been suspended by Umno.

I can say PAS candidate Zulkefly is potential to win if PR manage to get 60% support from resident voters and not less then 33% support from postal voters.

Thus, our uniformed heroes, let's reject "1 Calon Rasuah" together.

Tentera sekalian, mari kita "Tak Nak 1 CALON RASUAH, Tak Nak ISA samad"

DAPSY Seputeh Vice-Cheif
Tey Khang Fai

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