Friday, April 17, 2009

DAPSY Camp in Port Dickson

DAPSY Camp in Port Dickson

Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth Camp was held on 10 Apr to 12 Apr,
in Tiara Resort, Port Dickson.

I was attend the camp, and I really learn some politic knowledge and it is interesting.
Especially, we know better about Democratic Socialism,
and we know what should we do as a DAPSY member,
which we have ideology of center left.

They are some people representative attend the camp
and they were trainers as well,
such: Lau Weng San, Violet Yong and Choong Siew Onn.

I really appreciate our National DAPSY organised such a meaningful camp,
for us to learn and exchanged our view in the camp.
I know comrades from other branches as well during the camp.
I will try to pass the message and knowledge from the camp to DAPSY Seputeh.

Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson

Everyone in DAPSY Camp

Paying Money to Sdr YC Chua

DAPSY Chairperson Sdr. YB Antony Loke and Members Sing The Internationale

Emcee Sdr. Susann Chan

My team: ORA => Obama (Change like Obama), Rocket (DAP = Rocket), Ali (Energetic like Tongkat Ali) Slogan: Yes we can.

ORA paying attention during seminar.

Discussion: DAP and Pakatan Rakyat
Speakers: Sdr YB Antony Loke, Sdr YB Violet Yong and Sdr YB Liew Chin Tong

DAPSY Deputy Chairperson Sdr YB Jenece Lee giving her seminar.

What Is The Sharing Between Sdr YB Violet Yong and DAPSY Political Education Bureau Director Sdr Ooi Leng Hang?

Famous emcee/trainer in DAP, Sdr Carmen Leong.

While Sdr Carmen Leong giving training, Sdr YB Lau Weng San have to pay attention also.

Poor Sdr. YB Lau Weng San. When Come To Game Session, YB no longer YB.

Group ORA Participate in Game: I'm Enjoying The Carpet. :P

Sdr. YB Choong Siew Onn Looks Like Enjoying His Game So Much.

Sdr Eddie Chang, Our DAPSY National Organising Secretary.

Hehe, Coffee Session!!

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