Sunday, April 19, 2009

本南地补选问答题/Multi-Choice Questions for Penanti By-Election

Multi-Choice Questions for Penanti By-Election

1. 民联公正党为何制造补选?
A. 安华补选上瘾。
B. 民联不容许贪污议员。
C. 槟州政府是猫的政府。
(CAT – competency, accountability and transparency)

2. 为何莫哈末法鲁斯辞州议员一职?
A. 因为他涉嫌贪污。
B. 因为他要陪伴家人与深造。
C. 因为安华要他辞职。

3. 为何国阵不排除企选本南地补选?
A. 因为补选劳财伤民。
B. 因为国阵担心本南地选民不懂得感恩。
C. 因为国阵怕输。

4. 为何选举委员会探讨不举行补选?
A. 因为补选劳财伤民。
B. 怕工作多麻烦。
C. 因为选举委员会必须听老板的话。

5. 为何补选花那么多钱?
A. 警方要驱赶阴魂不散的阿旦杜亚。
B. 警方要杜绝幽灵选民。
C. 钱被大斯斯蛇掉了。

6. 为何也涉嫌金钱政治的马六甲首长莫哈末阿里无需辞职?
A. 因为他是巫统党员。
B. 其实他没有涉及金钱政治。
C. 因为国阵担心补选花钱。

1. Why Pakatan Rakyat's PKR creates by-election?
A. Anwar addicted in by-election.
B. Pakatan Rakyat can't tolerate corruption representative.
C. Penang is CAT Government.
(CAT – competency, accountability and transparency)

2. Why do Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned as the state representative for Penanti?
A. Because he suspects involved in corruption.
B. He need more time with family and further study.
C. Anwar asks him to resign.

3. Why Barisan Nasional might not contest in Penanti by-election?
A. Because by-election is wasting on time, money and energy.
B. Because Barisan Nasional worries Penanti People do not understand "appreciate".
C. Because Barisan Nasional affraid to lost.

4. Why to Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) consider not to organise by-election.
A. SPR worries wasting on time, money and energy.
B. SPR affaid troublesome and overload of work.
C. SPR must listen to employer's order.

5. Why do by-election spends so much money?
A. Police need to drives away phantom of Altantuya (ghost).
B. Police have to avoid phantom voters.
C. Money has been eaten my snake monster.

6. Why do Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam who suspect to involved in money politic is not necessary to resign?
A. Because he is from Umno.
B. Because he never involved in money politic.
C. Because Barisan Nasional worries with wasting time, money and energy.

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