Friday, July 3, 2009

DAP Should Stand Firm For Our Stand

DAP Should Stand Firm For Our Stand

There were 2 surprising news popping up from Pakatan Rakyat.
i. PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan proposed to form secretariat with Umno Youth in order to having unity talks between both parties.
ii. DAP Kedah quits PR Kedah because of pig abattoir demolished in Kedah.

What Secretariat?
As DAP member, I'm seriously furious with PAS Youth decision and Pakatan Rakyat Government in Kedah. The "unity talk" and "unity government" were proposed during PAS General Assembly and it simply enraged people. Pakatan Rakyat leaders has announced no "unity talk" with Umno beside certain issues but PAS Youth refused to obey Pakatan Rakyat decision.

I totally no idea why PAS should have any kind of unity talk with Umno. Do PAS agrees with Umno racist behaviour? Do PAS agrees with corruptions and money politic inside Umno? Do PAS released that people are against Umno most in BN? Do PAS willing to misusing power together with Umno? There are thousands of reasons that Umno is always guity especially after 13 May 1969.

However Hadi Awang and Nasarudin want to refuse non-Malay votes while they start to start to trust with PAS. While Malaysian is looking for "Malaysian's Malaysia", a more democratic and equality government, some of PAS of the leaders willing to stay behind.

Furthermore, Hadi Awang against removal of bumiputra quota which annouced by Prime Minister Najib Razak. I suppose Najib should be encourage on quota removal matter however the mind set of Hadi Awang was unacceptable for modern Malaysia. The wording of Hadi Awang is truthly frightening Malaysian.

Obviously, there are two types of different thinking in PAS. However I urged PAS to remain their open minded like Nizar in order to maintain the relationship in Pakatan Rakyat.

I hope National DAPSY would stand up to say something on "Unity Talk" matter. The proposal should be condemned. PAS insider should show their objection on this matter as well.

Take It Serious With Kedah Gorvenment Matter
DAP Kedah Chairperson Thomas Su announced DAP Kedah to quit Pakatan Rakyat Kedah because of the only pig abattoir was demolished. The PAS majority Kedah Government praticed 50% Bumiputra quota in Kedah as well. The servicing of PAS in Kedah Government is seriously unacceptable and they should learn from Niz Aziz's Kelantan.

We have to stand firm, send our message to parties leaders. We have our stand, and we will stand firm for our stand.

DAP Kedah was neglected by Kedah Government. A coalition government like Pakatan Rakyat is unlike Barisan Nasional. The 3 parties members are equality. Nobody is Umno in Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng said it was not final decision for DAP Kedah quits Pakatan Rakyat. But I hope Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang take this matter serious. If Kedah Government willing to respect DAP Kedah, I will support DAP Kedah to rejoin Pakatan Rakyat.

I wish all the best to Pakatan Rakyat for the future.

DAPSY Seputeh Vice-Cheif
Tey Khang Fai

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