Monday, May 11, 2009

The Death of Democracy.

The Death of Democracy

I would like to pray for the death of democracy in Malaysia.


I’m sure, everybody regard Perak Fiasco in 7th May 2009 is disgraceful and it harms the democracy of our country.

The “Balance of Powers” in Malaysia was hurt.

Police Cincai Arrest In The Morning

Polis Diraja Malaysia killed Malaysian’s Right early morning in 7th May 2009.

People who wear black were arrested,

People who having breakfast in Mamak store were arrested,

People who were jogging wear arrested.

Polis Diraja Malaysia “cincai-ly” simply misusing their power.

We lost our democracy right,

our demonstration right,

and even eating right on 7th May 2009.

Barisan Nasional Do Nothing Correct In The Hall

Barisan Nasional do nothing correct in the hall,

yet they yelling they were right and Pakatan Rakyat were wrong.

  1. Zambry, Six BN's Exco and the three Independent Representatives were suspended by Speaker Sivakumar. However Zambry and the people refuse to obey. How can State Assembly Representative not obey to speaker?
  2. Speaker Siva refused to approve motion of sacking speaker. How can Zambry (who was suspended) approve the motion with passbying speaker?
  3. How can Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Fong (who was suspended) chair meeting without on stage?
  4. How can Zambry move motion to appoint R Ganesan be the new speaker with bypassing Siva who is still chairing the meeting? MB Zambry has no right to chair meeting and Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Fong shouldn't chair meeting without on stage and grown?
Worst of The Worst in The Hall
There were some ridiculous happen in the hall, these were really disgraceful and disappointed!!
  1. Sergeant-at-arms refuse to listen to Speaker Sivakumar to take action on Zambri and suspended representatives.
  2. PKR's Chang Lih Kang, Chan Min Kai and DAP's Seah Leong Peng were ruded by ununiform police and unknown person.
  3. Hee Yit Fong used peper-spray on DAP's Yew Tian Hoe.
  4. The most ridiculous: Speaker Sivakumar carried out by ununiform police and sergeant-at-arm.

We can see black to the future....
This is Najib's 1Malaysia....
This is Barisan Nasional....
This is 1Black Malaysia....

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