Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm released

I'm released

I was released from police arrest at 21 May (Thursday) while having celebration with my friend Lim Swee Kuan's birthday.

Police remanded us on 22 May (Friday) for 2 days and we were released today (24 May, Sunday) on police bail.

I have only one conclusion:
The arrest and remand are ridiculous.

I'm here to appreciate concern from my friends,
I'm very fine and I willing to continue fight together with DAP.


Bentoh said...

呃, 逃了一劫逃不了第二劫... 加油... Perhaps now you can write the memoir of your 2 days in remand...

"Real gold not afraid of furnace fire"

emusician said...


LAM Honloong said...


I am so proud of you!!!


I will be going back to Malaysia next year. Let see what i can contribute.

Ah Lam,
Veszprem, HUNGARY