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Teratai 16: 4 Days 3 nights Trip To Police Lockup

Teratai 16: 4 Days 3 nights Trip To Police Lockup

Welcome to Police Lockup Trip.
4 Days 3 night in Ampang Police Station (guys) / Pandah Indah Police Station (Ladies)

I will say this is the most ridiculous detention.
It was unlawful, and undemocratic.
Najib's had paint his "1Malaysia" into "1 Black Malaysia"!!!

Media stated that we will having a Candlelight Vigil at Teratai, 21 May 2009.
In fact, we are having celebrating birthday for our comrade Sdr. Lim Swee Kuan,
who is also Media Secretary for Sdr. Lim Kit Siang.

21 May 2009, Thursday
Me and my friends reach DAP Teratai office about 8.30pm.
We saw many police will standby downstair fo the office.

We start our birthday celebration about 8.50pm.
We sing birthday song downstair of the office with white candle on hand,
majority of us were black shirt.

Obviously, We Are Singing Birthday Song.

Police refused to listen Teratai State Representative Jenice Lee explanation,
and catch us unlawfully.
We were arrested during singing birthday song,
16 of us.

I was arrested on the road infront Teratai office.
A police named Kamal dragged me.
This fellow is the police who brought un-uniform police break-in into DAP HQ on 23 May 2009.

The following are the 16 detainees:
1l Teratai State Representative: YB Jenice Lee,
2. 72 years old: Uncle Chong,
3. MPAJ Councilor:
S Supiramany,
4. MPAJ Councilor / Political Education Bureau Director: Ooi Leng Hang,
5. Lim Kit Siang Media Secretary: Lim Swee Kuan (Birthday boy)
6. Ngeh Koo Ham Persenal Assistant: Wong May Ing
7. Teresa Kok Persenal Assistant: Wong Sin Hui
9. DAP Pandan Perdana Branch Chairperson: Dorothy Cheong
10. DAPSY Serdang Chief: Chong Yoke Kong
11. DAPSY Cheras Chief: Bryan Lew
12. DAPSY Bukit Bintang Chief: Lee Yit Nam
13. DAPSY Seputeh Chief: Foong Kok Leong
14. DAPSY Seputeh vice-Chief: Tey Khang Fai
15. DAP Member: Poo Chuan Yee
16. DAP Member: Ken Chin

Birthday boy Lim Swee Kuan take away by police

The funniest things is all of us look enjoying with arrested by police.
Everyone enjoy their time in lorry, and Pandah Indah Station.
All of us don't we will remanded and spend extra 48 hours in lockup.

We brought to a carpark in Pandah Indah Station for doing nothing.
We eat birthday cake there.
We know we have many supporters gathering outside the station.
Beside Jenice Lee and Supiramany brought to Ampang Station,
we chit-chating in the carpark for doing nothing until about
1am, 22 May 2009.

16 Detainees On Lorry, we are not afraid because we are never wrong, Sin Hui still talking on phone happily :P

Celebrating Swee Kuan birthday while "waiting" in Pandah Indah Station' Car Park. We got lockup because of this birthday boy!! :P

A shot from our "supporters" outside Pandah Indah Station into Carpark

According to outsider, we will be released at 1am because of MB Selangor Tan Sri Kalid giving pressure on OCBD.
However we knew will lockup after Jenice returned to Pandah Indah Station from Ampang station.

4 Female detainees will remain to stay in Pandah Indah Station,
12 Male detainees will stay in Ampang Station.

Guys, let's go to Ampang Station

We brought to "Bilik Soal Siasat" before lockup into cell, every guys seem like enjoying =.=!

We were seperate in to different cells.
The cell have about width of 3m and 2m long.
I put into a cell with other's unknown 5 guys. All of us sleep on cement floor.

22 May 2009, Friday

Breakfast was provided about 7.30am.
A slice of bread and Teh-O were provided for breakfast,
everyday the same during our detention.

This is breakfast.

We bring up to Ampang magistrate's court at 9am.
YB Gobind Singh and YB Lim Lip Eng are our lawyers.
Police request remand for extra 2 days.
Gobind said it was unlawful because police did not taking our statements for so many hours, and it is no reason to punish us for remand for their fault.

I thought police has no ground to lockup us for extra 48 hours,
however the judge announced police remand is lawful.
The policemen sitting behind be say YES when judge allow their remanding request!!!

We sent back to Ampang Station.
Statement to be taken soon according to police.

We were put back into cell after lunch,
and request to wear lockup shirt.
and waiting for calling up for statement.

Lunch...curry chicken and sirap, but I eat very less to avoid dropping in lockup, furthermore less energy is necessary in cell.

During I was in my cell,
I know some detainees are threaten unlawful and no human right. Some of them been hit by police, and they disallowed to meet their family and feeling helpless.
I knew some of my friends staying beside my cell (Yoke Kong & Yit Nam) had brought out and take statement,
but police was so slow and did not take my statement until the next day.

I was surprised I transfer to Cell 6,
which is Supira's lockup cell earlier
together with Yoke Kong and Yit Nam.
I'm glad to stay together with comrades.

Dinner served Kampung Fish.
And Police served us the same menu the coming day lunch and dinner.

Dinner (Fri), Lunch and Dinner (Sat). I afraid Kampung Fish!!!

Lockup plan after I moved to cell . Eh, what happen with Lim Swee Kuan at cell 13?

Seem all of us has same topic,
we were talk about politic at night.
We feel it is no-human right in cell because a CCTV is shotting in the room 24 hours, police can see clearly if detainees using toilet or taking bath.

The toilet is unhygiene as well.

Further more, lacking drinks provide during lockup. Only three packet of drink provided per day which are teh-O (once) and Sirap (twice). We forced to drink unboil or non-purified tap water and it is unhealthy. We condemn PDRM did not provided 2 litres water per head and it is offence human right!!!

23 May 2009, Saturday

We expect we will released on Saturday.
I'm waiting police to take my statement, and I know remain 3 person haven't up to Saturday morning.

10.30am, Inspector Wiswa took my statement.
Some of my answer was: Tidak Pasti, Jawab di Mahkamah.

My cell-mate Supira has high blood pressure and medicine is necessary for him. Although the magistrate's court had request to give treatment to Supira yesterday however the police seem like neglect his necessary. Finally police served him after we shout and criticised them from the cell.
PDRM is really ridiculous!!!

All of 12 male detainees were brought into "Bilik Siasat dan Soal" again about 6pm.
Tuan Goh interview us again, the question will same with the statement earlier.
Ooi Leng Hang will brought to DAP HQ for "Assisting investigation" by Officer Kamal.
This action is without warrant!!!
We condemn in the strongest term the PDRM who came like the thief in the night avoiding office hours and confiscating DAP property as an act of intimidation!!

Furthermore, Tuan Goh told us police are taking very serious in Teratai's gathering, and arrange more than 100 force at Teratai. Hence it cause 11 break-in cases in Ampang area.
I do support Swee Kuan argued with Tuan Goh immediately for improper arrangement in police force. We are not criminal, how come police "taking so serious" on us instead of fight with criminal?
Police said they want to protect us attack by Umno.....

Police brought Leng Hang to DAP HQ, and take away his computer without warrant. Gobind Singh, Lim Lip Eng, Tan Kok Wai and Fong Kui Lun were observing police action.

From Tuan Goh, we knew we will not released on Saturday,
instead fo Sunday.
Tuan Goh said police had right to detain us for 24 hours, and court remand was 48 hours.
So we can spend maximum 72 hours (3 days) in lockup.

24 May 2009, Sunday

After we finish the disgusting breakfast (Bread and Teh-O),
all of us bring up to court.
We changed back our shirt when we arrested.
We take back our belongings,
I know we were released, but I don't know what is the condition.

We reach court about 10am, after the lorry fetch the 4 female detainees.

Handcaft removing during at magistrate's court.

In the court, Gobind Singh questioned police for illegal detain us for extra 1 day because we suppose to released on Saturday. Police insist they were right to detain us for 3 days because the first 24 hours detention is police power.

Magistrate released 16 of us with police bail of RM 2000.

The detainee of Seputeh Candlelight Vigil Lim Jen Yow bail me out.
We need to report back to the Ampang district police headquarters on June 10.

16 of us released on 24 May, morning at Ampang Court.

My Feeling

I feeling we have no right in Najib's Barisan Nasional administration.
A democratic country suppose to have demonstration right.
Police had arrested 170 people in protesting since 6 May.
And they forget Malaysia is a high criminal risk country.

A cctv in cell is really unhuman right.
From the ladies side, they not dare to take bath because of cctv,
especially Jenice Lee have to well protect as a state representative.

We see people fighting in the cell,
we know police hitting detainees with misusing power,
some of the detainees don't know why they were detained.
They disallowed to meet their family and lawyer.

It is really riculious....PDRM
We urged Najib looks into this, to achieve his "1Malaysia" ideology.

16 arrested at Teratai candlelight vigil

Police raid on DAP HQ


a care person said...

good experience for you to become YB in future mah...hehe

AngelSlayer said...

dude, i totally support u although im in oversea...

Lai Yeng C said...

good luck dato! i am totally heartache seeing malaysia becoming like this

Bentoh said...

Indeed a good write up... Maybe you could polish the English a bit and send this as a letter to MKini or etc... and tell the world what was going on...

The lockup location plan though, is funny... :D

Wish you luck, and wish the PDRM could be conscientious enough to not to charge you guys... even though I hope PDRM could go to *somewhere they deserved* more instead... :)