Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teratai 16's Police Bail Extended

Teratai 16's Police Bail Extended

The 16 people (including me) who detained on 21 May
Teratai Birthday Party were reporting back to Ampang Police Station
10 Jun 2.30pm.

However, 'Teratai 16' Police Bail was extended.
We have to report back to Ampang Station on 9 July.
The reason for extending police bail is PDRM haven't decide whether to charge us.

The decision of PDRM is absolutely shock and unacceptable.
First: We will celebrating birthday on 21 May. PDRM have no ground to charge us because it is our right and freedom. Birthday party do not offense Malaysia's Constitution. In fact, we are not suppose to be arrested.
Second: The "investigation" is too long. They takes 2 1/2 weeks yet they can't finish their investigation.

Furthermore, PDRM is simply misusing power if they trying to charge us on the fryers distribution. Are we wrong if we are telling people to aware on democracy?

Hishamuddin should look into the unprofessional performance of PDRM.
PDRM seem like forgot their priority task which is to protect people safety,
but they seem like more interest in involving politic actions.
This is the reason that Malaysia is a high risk criminal country.

Instead of "investigate" on Teratai 16,
PDRM should put more effort in investigating those criminal matters and mat rembit.
We will teach PDRM how to provide good service after we ruling the country.

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