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Thank You Cristiano Ronaldo

Thank You Cristiano Ronaldo

He Won Everything
While David Beckham departs from Manchester United, the young talent 18-year-old Portuguese succeed No.7, an unknown from Sporting Lisbon with £12.24m in 2003.

His first match was against Bolton. His performance was impressive.

However, I wasn't too appreciate his playing style because feeling he was selfish and lacking of teamwork. He was "dribble too much" obviously. I was seriously feel his playing style was over flamboyant and lack of reality.

However, he still rated as outstanding in professional football.

In late of season 2005/06, I only start understand and feel the potential and important of Ronaldo in Manchester United. His playing style turns reliable. He learns teamwork. The most important: he dribbles reasonable and tries reasonable.

No doubt, his performance should win the PFA Player awards in season 2006/07 and 2007/08.

He won every titles in Manchester United:
Secondary Competitions: League Cup, Charity Shield, FIFA Club World Cup.
Primary Competitions: Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League.

Maybe, he need new motivators. This is the reason he wants to leave Manchester United.

£80m of transfer fee offered by Real Madrid is the golden opportunity. Manchester United has no reason to reject the highest transfer offer as well.

I Feel Angry: Go Away, Ronaldo!!!

Maybe, you appreciate Ronaldo's contribution. Maybe, you can understand the reason of Ronaldo set to depart. However, I feel that Ronaldo betrayed us.

Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes could serve for United for so many years, why not Ronaldo?

His over reacted while substituted off against Manchester City was unacceptable. He refused to wear United Club Tie after defeated by Barcelona in Champions League final was also unacceptable.

No Fergie, no Ronaldo. Ronaldo has no reason to show his temperament to the club.

Ronaldo wasn't trasnfer request like Gabriel Heinze, but his attitute was exactly same as his best friend. His departure is simply different with David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Phil Neville or Nicky Butt. They departure were forced by situation.

Listen to me, Cristiano Ronaldo: I feeling to boo you if you return to Old Trafford!!!

Real Madrid £80m offers is pretty attractive. So, go to hell Cristiano Ronaldo!!!

Who To Replace Ronaldo?
Who is the one able to replace Ronaldo?
Nani, Antonio Valencia, David Silva, Arjen Robben or Franck Ribery?
We will seriously need a winger. The most important is he able to plays at the left and right.
Nani said he will step up for Ronaldo. However according to his performance in previous seasons, he still need to improves his passing and reduces his over dribbling.
Antonio Valencia is almost sign by United, however he is unlikely to replace Ronaldo.
David Silva and Arjen Robben might has a chance to wear no.7, but the most suitable person is Franck Ribery.
Ribery is seriously similar with Ronaldo. However Real Madrid is interest in signing Ribery as well. Furthermore, the transfer request from Bayern Munich is £87m, which is highest than selling Ronaldo. United is unlikely to afford and accept £87m buying fee.

Could Real Madrid Plays Well With Super Stars?
If Real Madrid have Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Franck Ribery at the same time, can they play well?
When Real Madrid have Ronaldo, Raul, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Iker Casillas, the gang of super stars did not show their world class standard performance in the team. Real Madrid wasn't win Champions League with these shining stars. Hence, I bet Real Madrid will win nothing if they sign Ribery.

Thank You Ronny.
Anyway, no matter how, I would like to show my appreciate to Cristiano Ronaldo for helping us to win couples of honours. United is proud with Ronaldo playing for us.
In fact, I won't boo Ronaldo if Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford, I will still welcome him.
Thank you, Ronny. I wish all the best to you in the future.

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