Saturday, October 25, 2008

Everton 1-1 Manchester United

Everton 1-1 Manchester United

What a frustrated result!!!

I was really enjoy the game at the first half. We are controlling the game at first half. Beside Darren Fletcher scored at 21min, we can see Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs got their opportunities.

I regard we are a bit unlucky that unable to put more on nets.

During second half, I don't know what's wrong with United, we are underpressured by Everton. Our defenders Wesly, Rio and Vida taking turns in doing mistakes.

Although I don't blame on Marouane Fellaini header on 63min who received a nice cross from Phil Neville. However I'm sweating with our shaky defending.

Lucky we do not concede more. We maintain on 1-1 draw.

I can't understand why Wazza was sub-off and replaced by Nani. I think that Wazza should not be sub-off and Carlos Tevez should sub-on earlier.

It is a big disappointed Ronny did a big miss at late game. He got a golden opportunity when he was unmark in penalty area at the late game, however it shoot the ball off target.

I hope Red Devils could learn something from this match. We look forward to the next game.


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