Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love Mamma Mia~

I love Mamma Mia~

There are so many movies I watched in this year, however the movie I most enjoy is
The story scene capture is at an island (in US I guess) surrounded with beautiful beach. I'm really enjoy with the blue colour sea. I almost jump into the screen when seeing Suphia (Main character) dive into the very beautiful sea.

Beautiful sea + pretty Suphia (Amanda Seyfried) = perfect

Beside, I really enjoy the songs in the movie. The songs make me joy and smile in the whole movie. It really differents with those funny movie which simply make you laugh only but mostly meaningless.

I wish I could travel to the beach in the movie one day.

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我是店主不是咖啡 said...

hand leg so fast,
hehe back home already blog,
u sure got chance go that place,
wish ur dreams come true~~