Saturday, October 18, 2008



Since I return from UK, I seldom play Futsal.

I really enjoy the moment when I was in University of Bradford, joining gang of Malaysian, playing futsal in Sport Hall of our school.

Since I return from UK, I only play once with my youngest brother's friend.

Yesterday 17 Oct, my youngest invite me and my second brother to play futsal after his PMR exam. I was excited...long time I didn't touch football.

This is the second time I wearing up my boots after return from UK.

So, I enjoy return to the pitch. Run and play. Everyone play with me know I'm not a good player but I enjoy match. I like to run and defend.

We lost 9-4 to our opponent. It is disappointed that I "almost" score twice with lobbing from midfield and hit on the bar in penalty box.

If not, it will be 9-6 :P

Photo took after the match with my second brother beside the pitch.

It is tired after the match. My back is aching.

I'm using this now :(


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Old already lo.. tat's y u need yokoyoko.. hahaha.. better exercise more.. if not, u'll karat ady.. tat time u will need 'tiger' to help u..