Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tun, shut up please!!!

Tun, shut up please!!!

Today, I would like to wish Yang Amat BerBahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad enjoy his life of senior citizen, remain healthy and keep his mouth shut.

As usual, the retired former Prime Minister failed to make himself quiet and comment about objection of abolishing 30% equity quota on Bumiputra hand.

Mahathir said Malaysia has not reached that time to abolish quota and there"s still a lot to be done. If reduced it to 20 per cent today and it does not expand while the economy does, the Bumiputera equity participation will get smaller.

"If we reduce the Bumiputera equity participation to 20 per cent, then the others must also reduce theirs", said Tun. (Quote from The Malaysian Insider, 28 Oct)

Tun, who is also former Finance Minister do not understand the important of open market to attract more foreign investors.

No doubt, the former Umno member improved the development of Malaysia however he failure to bring Malaysia into a democratic era.

Although he already quit from Umno, but his remains Chauvinist.

His Chauvinisim afraid abolish of 30% equity quota will benefit Malay, Chinese, Indian however a big lost for Umno-putra.

Tun Mahathir never realise New Economic Policy (NEP) is "greenhouse floret". The lacking outdoor experience floret will be die if it removed from protect.

Why do foreign investors want to protect us?

I think Tun Mahathir should responsible on take caring his grandschildren, but less comment on today Malaysia politic and policy.

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